Group Classes

Ballroom By The Bay offers group classes for both beginner and intermediate/advanced dancers. These classes are typically one hour dance lessons taught in a group setting of up to 30 people. Group classes allow students to progress with other dancers of their level, dance with multiple partners, and try out the moves our instructors teach first hand. They are informative, great for your health, and, most importantly, fun! Each group class costs $10 per person. No partner necessary! All you need is yourself! We recommend wearing comfortable shoes or dance shoes.

Beginner Dancers: For our beginner dancers, we have group classes on Monday and Tuesday at 7 p.m. Each beginner group class series lasts six weeks with one class per week. Over the course of the six classes, you’ll learn the basic patterns of one to three ballroom dances to help you get out on the dance floor with confidence and have fun! Check out our Calendar to see what classes we’re offering this month. Some classes you have to look forward to are Swing, Salsa, Waltz and Cha Cha. We also offer a Ballroom Crash Course series, where you can learn a few of the most popular ballroom dances, like those you might see on Dancing with the Stars, each month. Each class costs $10 per person. No experience necessary!

Intermediate/Advanced Dancers: Ballroom By The Bay offers our Intermediate and Advanced dancers group classes where they can improve their technique, learn more moves and explore new dance styles. Some classes to look forward to include Technique Class and Ladies Performance Group. In our Technique Class, learn how to improve your skills, including Rumba hip action and Waltz movement. In the Technique Class, our instructors cover multiple dance styles, including American Smooth and Rhythm and International Standard. Our Ladies Performance Group classes showcase our talented female dancers, allow students to improve their technique through learning a routine and give them an opportunity to perform at various venues across the coast. Each class costs $10 per person. Check out our Calendar to see what classes we’re offering for Intermediate/Advanced dancers this month.

All Levels: Ballroom By The Bay also offers FREE all-level group classes before our social dance parties every Friday at 6:30 p.m. In these 30-minute class series, you’ll learn the basic patterns for dances and several moves to try out on the dance floor or wherever your dancing takes you! In the past, we’ve offered cha cha, samba, salsa, bachata and waltz classes. No experience or partner necessary! And you can stick around for our dance social right after each class. Social costs $10 per person.

Our group classes typically change each month, so check out our Calendar to see what we’re offering now.