I’ve taken lessons with Robbie for ten years. He’s an excellent instructor and choreographer. He’s really gifted at figuring out how to modify things to help you look your best. He’s also really good at figuring out how to work around physical limitations that you may have because of age or injury. On top that he’s a very kind, patient, supportive and encouraging person! What a great combination in a teacher!”

Caren Vitell, Dance Student

Robbie Greenwood is a very Talented dancer and the type of coach that can explain what you are doing wrong and how to correct it in terms that his student can understand. I have witness several of his routines that he choreographed and all of them are on a high Professional level. I have had the privilege of being in several of his group routines that he choreographed and he always makes them challenging to the group but never unachievable.”


Robbie is an excellent dance coach. What I love most about his technique is the fact that it is more gentle on the body, thereby extending my years of enjoyable dance. He is happy to work with you to where you want to go with your dancing, be it social or competition. Let’s dance!!!”

Debra Laux Powell, Dance Student/Pro-Am Competitor

Robbie is AMAZING!!! Best dance instructor you could ever ask for. He knows his stuff and his ability to relay the information and help you “get it” are fantastic. Me and my 2 ballroom loving children absolutely LOVE Mr. Robbie!”

Lori Patterson Corbin, DANCE STUDENT

We’ve had the good fortune of taking lessons from Robbie at dance camp. How lucky are you if you live within driving distance to Ballroom by the Bay! You’re in for excellent and fun instruction.”

Tiara Harper, Dance student